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Topic subjectAnthony Harris, Virginia (6'1, 190)
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2398804, Anthony Harris, Virginia (6'1, 190)
Posted by will_5198, Fri Dec-12-14 01:51 AM
He's improved a good deal from last season, although there remain some killer flaws that take him out of starting contention. His coverage technique especially -- he plays mostly over slot and in underneath zones, usually sitting flat-footed and trying to jam the receiver as he breaks his route. Downfield contact doesn't fly in the NFL. Against the run he makes the right reads; he's much better at taking on blockers and a solid tackler. His form isn't great, however, and he gets away with tackling up high. Solidly unspectacular fringe depth in the fifth or sixth round.

+ Long arms give him a chance for late break-ups, he might be better playing more coverages over the top
+ Assignment-sound
- High waist and tight hips, once he opens up in coverage he gets turned around badly
- Long speed is questionable and he's not very strong