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Topic subjectLandon Collins, Alabama (6'0, 222)
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2398800, Landon Collins, Alabama (6'0, 222)
Posted by will_5198, Fri Dec-12-14 01:44 AM
I thought he came into the season overrated, but his coverage has progressed *just* enough to where he's not getting killed on the back end. That good Saban defensive back coaching has him in a lot better position, especially against high-low concepts that try and trap him. He's not instinctive though, especially when he plays single-high, and those ball skills...not the greatest. He doesn't finish; when he has a chance to make a play on the ball he's often late or drops the interception. You also want to keep him out of man coverage.

However, all that tentativeness turns into disciplined aggression when he can fly around in run support. His instincts mirror the best running backs, as far as seeing the blocking schemes before they happen and what angles to take. Elite closing burst, and once he's there, he can bring down anyone one-on-one.

A more athletic Deone Bucannon-type that's going to make plenty of plays moving forward, and give up his share when he has to go backwards. Late first round.

+ Fills running lanes as fast as anybody in college; a killer in the box
+ Fast and fluid athlete, on the shorter side but bulked up well
+ Very good against the screen game, any routes to the flat, and underneath robber
- Lots of false steps in man coverage, gets beat by much less athletic receivers
- Stares into the backfield, and can get moved out of position by head fakes