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Topic subjectSammie Coates, Auburn (6'2, 201)
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2398615, Sammie Coates, Auburn (6'2, 201)
Posted by will_5198, Thu Dec-11-14 01:55 PM
He's got some rare tools as a deep threat and short-game YAC monster. But he's missing some damn important ones.

Well-sized and built like a truck, he'll destroy off-coverage with his speed and not a lot of defensive backs want to tackle him in the open. But despite playing fast and strong, he lacks all nuance when it comes to being a receiver. Routes are rugged. Anything not thrown into his chest is an adventure (he's definitely dropped more touchdowns than he's caught). Half the time he'll wait on a deep pass without even extending his arms or jumping. These are all scary habits that become permanent traits with certain players. So it's a dice roll on measurables, to see if he can be coached into a better version. Third round for me at the highest.

+ Undeveloped potential in a run-based offense with a route "twig" of about three options
+ Fantastic downfield blocker who can even dominate linebackers
- Inconsistent hands, he can make strong catches and play hot potato on consecutive plays
- Not a natural; plays slower and smaller than his listed numbers because of bad technique