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Topic subjectIfo Ekpre-Olomu, Oregon (5'10, 185)
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2398605, Ifo Ekpre-Olomu, Oregon (5'10, 185)
Posted by will_5198, Thu Dec-11-14 01:27 PM
Everybody is saying he can just move to slot corner in the NFL (which is a starting position), but I'm not sure on that. He's been successful in college by playing to the boundary, jamming route breaks downfield, and ripping through catches with some of the strongest hands I've seen. Move him inside permanently and he loses the sideline as defense, the NFL won't let him make near as much contact, and his hip flip is not great against a two-way go. Oregon has played him at slot over the past two years and you see all these flaws crop up.

Staying on the outside, his height comes into play, and he's really not that fast. Now it's possible I'm missing something here, because he has several similarities to Tyrann Mathieu as an all-around football player (and moving him to safety is *very* intriguing, since he has ball skills and is an even better tackler than Honey Badger). If you like him that much, second round is fine. For me, he's a third-rounder.

+ Solid awareness and always has a chance because he rips out more catches than anybody
+ One of the best run-defending *players* in this class, regardless of position
+ Asset on special teams, he can cover and return punts or kicks
- Relies heavily on the downfield contact rule in college to mask his weaknesses
- Put on a spit and roasted by double moves, since he guesses on so many route breaks
- Taller receivers win against him even when his technique and positioning are perfect