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Topic subjectMelvin Gordon, Wisconsin (6'1, 207)
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2398586, Melvin Gordon, Wisconsin (6'1, 207)
Posted by will_5198, Thu Dec-11-14 12:07 PM
He's not a lead back you want to send up the middle too often, or handle it 25 times every game, but what he does best is extremely valuable: being able to score from anywhere on the field. Once he can clear into the second level -- and he does this consistently, with or without perfect blocking -- he can beat anybody to the house.

His patience and vision improved a lot this year, as he waits on inside blocking to develop, but can also see a backside edge coming open at the same time. All he needs is one reach block or seal, because he's got the best 10-yard acceleration in this draft.

The one big hole in his game is as a receiver, though. Wisconsin has never given a shit about throwing to their backs and teaches them high school level pass protection, so he's rawer than most. He doesn't look natural running his two routes, quitting at the end of swings and getting softly hooked on slip out screens, but maybe repetitions will level him up. If he could become reliable in the passing game, that'd make him *really* dangerous. First rounder anyway.

+ Quick cutter that can leave linebackers whiffing in their proper gaps
+ NFL offenses block nine and leave the other two to the runner...he's got the elite burst and long speed to beat both
+ Yes, he often got great blocking, but he also faced loaded fronts; NFL defenses will never line up like Ohio State did against him
- Improved to an adequate blocker, but a complete unknown as a receiver
- Pad level is not consistent, but when he decides to square up he can bounce off tackles
- He'll go down to a lot of leg tackles inside and rarely gets push after first impact