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Topic subjectDeVante Parker, Louisville (6'3, 209)
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2398565, DeVante Parker, Louisville (6'3, 209)
Posted by will_5198, Thu Dec-11-14 11:18 AM
He's got a narrow skill-set but I'm a big fan of his game. He lines up all over the field, but he does almost all of his damage on slant routes out of the slot. Corners know it's coming, but they can't stop it.

He's a great press-beater (P.J. Williams repeatedly got burned on an inside release in their match-up) and even if he doesn't get the best separation, his wingspan and strong hands are good enough equalizers to make any catch over the middle. He also piles up YAC, not because he's particularly explosive but more due to his great body control and field awareness to run through tackles and bad angles.

However. I'd be shocked if he ran anything better than a high 4.5 (maybe even 4.6 or worse), because he's extremely sluggish downfield. All those deceptive release tricks he has against press won't make up for the fact he rarely gets any breathing room on deep routes. So you have to accept he's not going to be a big part of the vertical game. I love him on anything intermediate though, as he's a Boldin-esque third down converter. Second round.

+ First down machine who dominates the middle of the field
+ Not perfect but a natural hands-catcher who converts bad passes into receptions and never lets anything into his body
+ Excellent after the catch, often breaks one or two tackles
- Painful to watch on go routes, has a chance on double moves or running seams out of the slot like Marques Colston
- Not a true number one receiver