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Topic subjectTodd Gurley, Georgia (6'1, 231)
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2398561, Todd Gurley, Georgia (6'1, 231)
Posted by will_5198, Thu Dec-11-14 11:13 AM
Not much to say, since I love everything about this guy. He can run out of any formation. NFL vision to wait or attack blocks, with the quick feet and burst to get through the narrowest creases. Stack the box with run blitzes and he'll leg drive his way into a dozen broken tackles (see: South Carolina). And once he's in the second level, he can run past or over anybody to turn 12-yard gains into 50-yard touchdowns.

The most overlooked part of his game is that he's also one of the best third down backs in the draft. He was deciphering Saban's blitz packages to perfection as a true freshman, and he's got great hands when it comes to off-target throws. He was stuck with occasional screens and dump-offs in college, but I see him doing so much more as a NFL receiving threat on the right offense.

Running backs don't get drafted high anymore because very few of them can dominate a game themselves. He can, and his future team is getting a top ten talent at an ACL discount.

+ Literally can do everything you look for out of a feature back
+ Untapped potential in the passing game
+ Monster at the goal-line
- Tore his ACL late in the season and could be an IR luxury for a team who can burn a 2015 pick