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Topic subjectBryce Petty, Baylor (6'3, 230)
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2398560, Bryce Petty, Baylor (6'3, 230)
Posted by will_5198, Thu Dec-11-14 11:11 AM
I've really come to appreciate Art Briles. He does this old-timey Texan routine at press conferences, but behind the fa├žade is a stone-cold killer when it comes to offensive strategy. His simple to execute but devastating play-design got Kevin Kolb drafted in the top 40, had the Shanahans copying him during RG3's immaculate rookie season, and now has Petty looking like one of the elite college quarterbacks of the past two years.

Petty is just another cog in Southwest Chip Kelly's system, however, which is apparent when he has to make a progression read (he can't) or gets pressured (zero awareness). I'd say 90 percent of his completions come off the same formula: play-action > no pressure > wide-open first read due to a combo route or linebacker biting up. If that initial option is covered, he's completely lost. And even his accuracy is come-and-go despite so many open looks.

So basically, I'm not a fan. Fifth or sixth rounder as an emergency back-up on a talented team.

+ Good arm talent, and makes some great deep throws down the sideline
- Definition of a system quarterback, needs his hand held to manipulate defenses or dissect morphing coverages
- Stares down routes while triple pump-faking, which surprisingly doesn't move most defenders
- Shaky accuracy to all levels of the field, great pocket or not