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Topic subjectJameis Winston, Florida State (6'4, 230)
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2398553, Jameis Winston, Florida State (6'4, 230)
Posted by will_5198, Thu Dec-11-14 11:04 AM
When he's at his best, he's better than Mariota's best, and better than anybody else that's played quarterback in college over the last three years. That's why his scuffling is so painful to watch.

Yes, the senior offensive line looked like they'd never seen a stunt before (the center Cameron Irving replaced was a sieve) and the inexperienced receivers ran some interesting "routes" at times, but that's football, and he simply made too many bad decisions. The first halves against Florida and Louisville, the second half against NC State, the entire Miami and Wake Forest games...a collection of back foot throws, getting fooled by fire zone blitzes and mix coverage, along with plain WTF decisions that had Jimbo Fisher putting on his Clemson pregame face.

I'm still buying though, because his pocket instincts and arm talent are elite. Not elite for college, but elite for anybody who can spin a football. Every bad game he's had -- and I've watched them all -- he still makes a half-dozen only-in-the-NFL plays.

Double A-gap blitz that nobody picks up, deep in his own end-zone? Quick side-step, and he throws a laser that splits a tiny zone window and is on his receiver's numbers the second he turns around. Blindside tackle gets beat on a play-action? Despite having his back turned to execute the ball fake, he feels the defensive end on him without dropping his eyes, ducks under him and pops back up to calmly hit a 30-yard strike to the corner. Excellent coverage, pass rush pending and nowhere to go with the ball? He'll head fake the safety and find the defender who is the slightest step behind, then throw it past him with impeccable, indefensible placement.

There are successful NFL quarterbacks right now who wish they could make those throws under that kind of pressure. While another dozen college starts would be wondrous for him, as he'll be only 21 when next season begins, first round quarterbacks stopped getting redshirted about a decade ago. Inconsistency will be part of the deal in the early years, and the gamble is that he elevates above it. But you have to take a risk on rare skills, especially at a position where the demarcation between haves and have-nots is so punishing. Top ten.

+ Makes throws against pressure that only a few people in the world are capable of
+ Ideal frame and arm strength, plus he fixed his long release from freshman year
+ No matter what's happened, you want him to have the ball at the end
- The peak and valley aspect of his game may not be inexperience, but an actual career-long problem
- Rough in a lot of areas, from bad habits in his drops to simplistic coverage reads
- Needs a serious off-field vetting, as immaturity doesn't play well when they give you the keys