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Topic subjectMarcus Mariota, Oregon (6'4, 219)
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2398552, Marcus Mariota, Oregon (6'4, 219)
Posted by will_5198, Thu Dec-11-14 11:01 AM
I'm in. Only half the league's teams have a franchise quarterback, and I see him being in that tier. I don't care about the offense he ran in college because of two things: he can move defenders with his eyes, and he shows pocket presence on the occasions it breaks down. A lot of these "system" quarterbacks make one read against an easy-to-identify coverage shell with no pressure -- and that does happen a lot for him -- but when he has to look off a safety and hit the third progression, or step up in a collapsing pocket and squeeze the dig route in there, he's got the ability to handle it.

His arm plays fine in the NFL, at times looking very good. Smooth release, quick enough, and he makes it easy on his guys to play catch. However, he's got a consistent issue hitting deep routes, and really anything to the corner. It's usually a mechanics hitch with how he plants his front foot, although sometimes he fades away on those throws too. He's probably left 10 touchdowns on the field the past two seasons due to that.

The other flaw I've seen is how often secondary blitzes can fool him. Send a nickel corner or delayed safety runner at him, and he can be on the unsure side. That's where his mobility helps, because even if he botches the read, once he's out of the pocket he kills defenses throwing on the run.

Not perfect, but he checks off the most important boxes on the NFL signal caller list. High first rounder in any draft, and top three in this one.

+ Throws with NFL timing and accuracy to most of the field, resetting quickly when the pressure comes
+ Scramble drill master who looks to pass first, and will make a defense look wrong even if they do everything right
+ If he does tuck it, he's fast enough to beat linebacker angles and will make every defensive back work to catch him
+ Rarely makes a game-losing decision with his arm
- Deep ball is erratic, especially to the sideline
- He can get stuck on a read and rely on his legs to bail him out
- Takes way too many hits in the open field, and a soft fumbler (latter may improve when he gets away from a mesh point read every snap)