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Topic subjectyes, but Rudock was good and is now on a 53 in the NFL
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2627364, yes, but Rudock was good and is now on a 53 in the NFL
Posted by cgonz00cc, Tue Oct-24-17 07:17 PM
and OKorn was an insurance policy. i suppose it counts as a whiff, but even having to recruit him in the first place is an L for Hoke.

Speight is serviceable, if there was anything else serviceable on the roster before that Rudock and OKorn never come to Michigan in the first place.

talking about this now is ridiculous. i dont mean you and i talking about the specifics, but they went to the wire in columbus and fell short. everything was on the line for them on the last week of the season in year 2 and they lost in double OT. now after like 10 of mattisons goons go to the league they were supposed to surpass that?

nah. thats all nonsense, and it runs parallel to the nonsense in 2010 for RR. I thought they would have showed better vs PSU, and the defense is too young to be elite (except Mo Hurst and the DL - still the best), but all reasonable expectations are being met.