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Topic subjectJim Harbaugh is overrated
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2397718, Jim Harbaugh is overrated
Posted by COOLEHMAGAZINE, Mon Dec-08-14 06:07 PM
I'm going to say it now because people are still talking about this guy like he can do no wrong and the current situation in Niner land has no reflection on his abilities as a coach.

I don't doubt that he can help coach up teams that need some fighting spirit and a "name" coach who can come in and command respect.

But...this is an offensive coach whose offense keeps regressing no matter how many talented players they add. Not only that, but the offense has no discernible identity and often seems to be selecting plays at random.

The only consistent thing about the Niners has been playing hard (like I said, if you are lacking in spirit, Harbs can probably provide) and great defense, which is presumably the work of Vic Fangio.

It's not that I think he is a terrible coach or something but dude seems like a cross between Gruden and Ken Wisenhunt.

If the Niners get a decent hire at coach next year and keep Fangio, they will be BETTER than they were with Harbaugh.

Raiders could prolly use his discipline etc, but if they trade a first round pick for him they are idiots.

If the Jets dump Rex for Harbuagh that would be the actual definition of hustling backwards.