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Topic subjectWhy though?
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2383014, Why though?
Posted by ShawndmeSlanted, Tue Oct-28-14 10:32 AM
Just cause a team will stay dominant forever?

I dont know if we should have 15 slots.

I think we should think about add drops- Maybe limit those somehow.

Worst team gets top draft pick or integrate our own lottery

>otherwise, especially w/ 12 teams w 15 slots.
>say every year we have to drop half the roster. or you can't
>keep players for more than X years, or you can't have a sum
>total of X years on your roster at a given time (so if you
>have a max of 15 years of "on roster experience" you could
>keep everyone for one year, or keep 5 players for 3 years, or
>3 players for 3 years and 6 for one, etc.)
>but we don't have to figure that out now, we just need TO GET
>Y'all stupid...should've tanked for Lebron/Wiggins in 2014
>-Rex LongFellow
>Its 2014...there are computers in glasses and people stunt
>after hitting the ball far. Get over it. -Cenario
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