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Topic subjectOKP Survivor Dynasty: cuz I reckon it needs its own post.
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2381998, OKP Survivor Dynasty: cuz I reckon it needs its own post.
Posted by Frank Longo, Sat Oct-25-14 12:28 AM
Ernie, Shawn, Matty, and myself are in.

LABeat, Robe, and TJT all expressed interest but have yet to sign up.

Sign up info is either in your inbox or in the other Survivor post.

Here's what we need:
1. an even number of teams, preferably 8 or more
2. a time to draft before Tuesday

Cenario is whining via text, so I reckon he's out. Ryan may be in but he's out of town and probably couldn't draft.

This is an awesome opportunity to play with draft options and to, y'know, do Survivor dynasty style.

I reckon we could open it up to outside parties if necessary-- especially if AB is considering booting inactive members in the offseason, as it'd give us an idea of interested people and if those interested people are any good at all.

What say you, Survivors? And when would you want to draft?