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Topic subjectwe could do end of year awards like in survivor...
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2382092, we could do end of year awards like in survivor...
Posted by illmattic, Sat Oct-25-14 06:14 PM
GM of the year, poet laureate, biggest asshole? that would be a tough one to call

Ernie and Pro are very impressive to me in terms of their roster management, even if neither wins the title.. eyes for talent and great approaches

i wanted to scoop mckinnon when i heard the AP news, i went to do it right when i heard, and i saw pro had picked him up like 2 hours earlier. okbh might be pro's homepage

and i also appreciate Cere's grind.. i get very wrapped up #inmyotherleague with roster moves and it makes me a day late and a dollar short a lot of times in blowhards - no bueno