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Topic subjectInept management?
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2382087, Inept management?
Posted by cereffusion, Sat Oct-25-14 05:14 PM
I was just rosturbating pretty vigorously.

Andew Luck is who I thought he was.
Jukin Joique Bell...only good thing in Detroit right now and scoring tds.
Sneaky Keeper Jeremy Maclin.
And coming back from injury Jimmy Graham and Calvin Johnson.

Then we have second half studs Double Digit Denard, Drew's new favorite target, and Jonas Gray. Throw in Eric Decker and Dwayne Allen for good measure and we have something brewing here.

We're making a run and it'll be because of a bunch of guys I added despite having basically no waiver wire points.

Those guys that were AIDS that I traded who were then suddenly so valuable? Injured or useless.

But ya'll can keep making up what happens to fit your narrative. My team was on the ropes and ya'll let me make the transactions to position myself pretty well moving forward. So, please be better.