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Topic subjectBeing a soccer novice, it's more about using a stat like that
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2338488, Being a soccer novice, it's more about using a stat like that
Posted by bentagain, Sun Jun-15-14 01:35 PM
for example

in the NBA playoffs, some repeated stats

MIA hasn't lost back to back games in the playoffs since the formation of the Big 3

MIA hasn't lost a home playoff game this year, etc...

being a US sports fan, I'm use to stats being more relevant to the club, than geography

you wouldn't hear those same examples give in the narrative of

NBA teams in FLA, or NBA teams in the Eastern Conference, etc...

the stats are more relevant to the team

i.e., DIV's record when giving up the first goal is _____

that's why I found it strange

Bob Bradley's experience aside, the danger is putting that label on an entire continent

especially when the team that your applying that stat to, is actually the team that has overcome that stat

so yeah, just strange

would you hear a stat like that for North America? I couldn't see there being a parallel between MEX and the US that folks wouldn't think was a reach.