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Topic subjectI expect ESPN to be behind Jackson. He used to work there...
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2325184, I expect ESPN to be behind Jackson. He used to work there...
Posted by mrhood75, Thu May-08-14 06:03 PM
...and those are his friends. Woj is being Woj. Kawakami has always been a blowhard. I think if you polled the Bay Area press, I'd guess not many would be surprised that this happened. However, leading up to the firing, most said in advance that it would be the wrong move. Or at least not justified by the season that the team just had.

>It's always tough to figure out the truth in matters like
>these but the reporting on this has been as agend-filled as
>some of these OKSports threads.

Personally, I'd like the thinking and reporting on this not to be binary and more nuanced. I personally come down on the side that, taking everything into context, firing Jackson was a mistake. But I understand some of these frustrations with him that are getting voiced, beyond "He doesn't play well with others in the front office."

So yeah, agenda-filled reporting and writing (and posting) isn't doing this situation any favors. But hey, it's sports reporting, so why should I expect anything different?