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Topic subjectthere's gotta be someone out there we're not considering
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2324992, there's gotta be someone out there we're not considering
Posted by Amritsar, Thu May-08-14 08:55 AM
>It's been established that Kerr has a lot of hype, but still
>has no actual experience as a coach. You know, like Mark
>Jackson when we first hired him. And even if we was as good as
>his hype, he's going to NY. Otherwise, the remaining field is
>made up of retreads. Boring retreads. I don't see one guy in
>this field who I honestly think can get us "over the hump"
>through his coaching.

but I completely agree. The names I've heard through rumors do not interest me at all. Kerr could maybe come in and establish something, but I'm not that confident in him right now.

>Also, I don't think it's fair at all to say this team
>underperformed with Jackson. Even this year. He's not perfect
>by any stretch, and you can definitely point to games where he
>got out-coached down the stretch. But there's also a fair
>share of games wear 1) injuries sank us and 2) turnovers and
>sloppy play cost us. So it's not as simple as Jackson only
>running ISOs.

it was a tough year for us injury-wise. I think Iggy's hamstring was hampering him more than we had thought. And re: turnovers, that was a result of two things imo. 1.) not having a true Point guard coming off the bench. 2.) play calling. The first reason was a personnel issue, the second is on the coaching.

Damnit if only we still had Malone as the genius behind the scenes we wouldn't be in this mess.