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Topic subjectall iso sets aren't equal
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2324696, all iso sets aren't equal
Posted by thejerseytornado, Wed May-07-14 01:27 PM
Doc's isos for pierce involved off-ball movement designed to give Pierce more options with the ball. Yes, it was Pierce's job to just make the move, but he had options because there were other players moving to good spots and setting picks and pinning, etc.

meanwhile, there's the scott brooks version where Durant starts way above the 3 point line, everyone just stands around, and durant does superhuman things.

both are a 1v1 play. but Doc designed boston's plays to make it harder to have help defense and easier to respond when that help came over. Brooks hangs his players up to dry with poor design of how to do an iso offense.

and, to bring in another post in which i was anti an analytic argument, this is what that harvard analytics piece was trying to quantify with its "movement score."

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