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Topic subjectbottom line: we reached our ceiling with Jackson
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2324537, bottom line: we reached our ceiling with Jackson
Posted by Amritsar, Wed May-07-14 08:51 AM
goodbye iso after iso play calling, stupid hockey-style lineup changes and blown 4th qtr leads as a result.

I appreciate what he did to help change the culture of defense, but his role in that is entirely overstated imo. We have Klay (maybe the best 2 way guard in the league), Draymond, Iggy and Bogut -- all guys who bring a ton defensively regardless what a coach does.

this feels sorta like when Mike SIngletary was let go by the Niners

a talented underachieving squad in need of a qualified coach to take them farther into the playoffs

now we just need to go out and find our Harbaugh