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Topic subjectA healthy Bogut likely would have done it.
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2324320, A healthy Bogut likely would have done it.
Posted by mrhood75, Tue May-06-14 05:19 PM
Possibly a healthy Ezeli. Shoot, even 15 years ago Ezeli would been greenlit to play during the regular season, rather than before Game 6 of the first round.

>He made adjustments and almsot got there. Mark Jackson almost
>got Jermaine O'Neal to be that.

The best adjustment was putting in the small-ball line-up with Lee at the center and Green in the line-up. That got us Game 4 and probably Game 6, and almost Game 7.

But it's complicated, because by the same token, better coaching might have gotten us Game 3. If Jackson had actually designed a play for the last shot of the game, rather than just give it to Curry and hope he hits a three at the buzzer, maybe we win. Or maybe if the Dubs hit their threes and don't turn it over as much. There's a lot of things that could have gone either way. Regardless, I still think Jackson should have kept his job.