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Topic subjectThe next coach will face the same problems
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2324313, The next coach will face the same problems
Posted by SouthwestAirlines, Tue May-06-14 05:09 PM
Basketball wise Jackson wasnt the problem tho he had his shortcomings
Warriors are just a flawed team.
Their best players are jump shooters.
Run-n-gun style of bball is all good during the reg.season
But during the playoffs teams can lock up the perimeter
and force you to play halfcourt ball, thats were the Dubs fall apart.
Until they realize they need to get easier baskets in the halfcourt
inside the paint, Warriors gonna live by the jumper & die by it.

In reply to rob in the post that was locked.

Tho i was talking offensively and not defensively becuz the Dubs are solid there.
You contradicted yourself
If the Warriors were good enuff to win a chip theyve wouldve stopped DeAndre Jordan's one dimensioanl game.
Fact is theyre not good enough to win a championship however you wanna slice it.