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Topic subjectWhat's The Difference Between What Jackson and Kidd Did?
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2323644, What's The Difference Between What Jackson and Kidd Did?
Posted by RexLongfellow, Sun May-04-14 10:35 PM
>The problem is he did pick his own assistants
>He lobbied hard to bring Scalabrine in, the front office
>wanted to bring in more experienced assistants with strong
>tactical reputations.
Kidd did the same thing lobbying for Lawrence Frank. Once they clashed on coaching philosophies, Kidd demoted him

To me, that's exactly what Jackson did with Scales...and if this report is true, that's confirmation that Jackson did the right thing


Erman, of course, was not the first assistant coach to leave the staff this season. Several days before the loss to the Knicks, assistant coach Brian Scalabrine was reassigned to the team's NBA Development League squad, the Santa Cruz Warriors, because of "a difference in philosophies" with Jackson. Scalabrine was the third assistant in his first coaching stint after 11 seasons as a player. Although Jackson aggressively pursued Scalabrine despite his lack of experience, sources say Scalabrine almost immediately became disenchanted with Jackson's coaching style and, for his last five weeks with the team, carried out his duties while refusing to speak to Jackson. One source said Scalabrine found fault with Jackson's level of accountability of the players, particularly in comparison to Scalabrine's last two coaches, Doc Rivers and Tom Thibodeau.

Another source, however, says that Scalabrine was unhappy that the team's power structure did not more clearly delineate a difference between the third assistant coach and non-coaching positions such as video coordinator. Scalabrine's frustration came to a head shortly after a halftime dispute between he and lead assistant coach Pete Myers over how the team executed a particular defensive set in the first half of a March 22 loss to the San Antonio Spurs. Sources say sometime afterward, Scalabrine shouted at Jackson, "If you were Tom Thibodeau or Doc Rivers or Jeff Van Gundy, you would've fired me five weeks ago!"

At the time of Scalabrine's reassignment, a report from Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports suggested Warriors management wanted him to remain on the staff until the end of the season but that Jackson insisted on his transition.

I don't know what was
>going on behind the scenes but it definitely looks bad for all
It's no different than what's happening in Chicago with Thibs...the players LOVE Jackson, they perform on the court, and he's responsible for the best 3 year stretch in decades.