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Topic subjectJackson kinda balked last off-season on an experienced asst.
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2323463, Jackson kinda balked last off-season on an experienced asst.
Posted by Tek4mula, Sun May-04-14 02:24 PM
>The best course of action right now would be to somehow find
>an assistant coach who's really good at X's and O's who can
>get along with Jackson. Go into next season with about the
>same roster, with everyone one year wiser and more seasoned.
>They get booted early next season, fine, then you've given
>Jackson his chances with this talent, and you look for
>something else. Until then, you keep him.

I think this is where a lot of the issues started. The front office understood that he was inexperienced and not an expert with X's and O's which is why they paid Malone so much to be his lead assistant. Then when Malone got the King's job the owners offered to open up their Wallet and bring in another big name assistant but Jackson didn't want to. He wanted to promote his own guys and bring in Hunter and Scalabrine.

I think the front office was nervous about not bringing in an experienced tactical assistant but they gave Jackson the benefit of the doubt. Then when things went bad in the coaching room it really cost Jackson a lot of credibility.