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Topic subjectthey lost in the first round, my dude
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2323408, they lost in the first round, my dude
Posted by Bombastic, Sun May-04-14 10:15 AM
>>they lost in the first round.
>He took them from 13 to 51 wins, doggie
Good timing has a lot to do with that, he came in guaranteeing playoffs season one & went deep lottery, he talked a bunch of shit about turning that talent into defenders but really the only reason they improved to respectable there was by getting one of the Top 5 wing defenders of the past decade and Bogut mucking it up down loan.

On offense they've got a plethora of talent but generally play undisciplined & careless with the basketball.

They have a young talented backcourt tandem that's likely the best in the league (along with above average supporting talent) growing into their games & Curry has been healthy the past two years.

The Thunder went from 20 wins in PJ's last full season to 50 wins in Brooks' first full season.

Scottie Brooks is still a shitty coach, shittier than Jackson sure, however it shows you what can happen if you catch them at the right time.

>He's completely turned around the franchise

>And losing to the Los Angelels Clippers, easily
>the deepest team in the league, is hardly a disappointment
Three seasons, one playoff series win, 'whoopty-damn-do'(c)D.C.

Nellie did that too.

He's an average coach & seems like an arrogant douchebag much like he did as a player and commentator.

I don't think he should be fired but if he is, I won't cry for him nor do I see him going somewhere else and becoming an elite coach.

If he's gone & they hire someone other than Vinnie DelNegro or Johnny Davis, it won't hurt Golden State's bottom line much as long as Curry stays healthy.

'Antoni could win 50 games with this roster next year if he got the shot and I don't even like that dude.