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Topic subjectthis team has talent, let's not pretend they've overachieved
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2323376, this team has talent, let's not pretend they've overachieved
Posted by Bombastic, Sun May-04-14 03:06 AM
they lost in the first round.

He's done a fine job objectively speaking, if he wasn't a dickhead he's definitely done a good enough job to keep the gig, as I said I don't actually on surface level believe he should be fired.

But if so, c'est la vie, he'll get another gig and do nothing extraordinary with it.

The next Laker coach is fucked anyway, so just for the initial Kobe ballwashing into the inevitable head-butting, him going to the Lakers would make me happy.

Jackson is more bluster than brass tacks, I don't see swapping him out for a comparable coach making too much difference on the bottom line.

And the guys on this team are all mostly pretty coachable as far as NBA players go.

They won't change their colors (David Lee didn't all the sudden become a good defender & GS didn't become a good defensive team just because Jackson came in with that mantra) but they're all going to play hard regardless of who is on the bench.