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Topic subjectDude, I don't like the fake preacher stuff, but it works for this team
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2323368, Dude, I don't like the fake preacher stuff, but it works for this team
Posted by mrhood75, Sun May-04-14 02:28 AM
The players love it. Especially a team as devout as the Warriors (Curry, Thompson, Lee, Green, and O'Neal are all uber-Christian, as are probably a good chunk of the rest of the roster). He's a supreme motivator, and the players buy when he's selling, so I'll take it.

>As was tonight with his mic-d up rah rah farewell fourth
>quarter huddle.
>Can the corny act for the camera and call a fucking play if
>it's not about u, it's Game 7.

I was watching the local feed of the game, so I don't know what he said exactly. But it's probably the same thing I've seen/heard him do lots.

>I don't necessarily believe he deserves to be fired but will
>shed no tears if/when he does, especially if it's basically
>just for being an insufferable arrogant asshole without the
>resume strong enough to excuse it.

Here's my thing: who would we replace him for? Watch candidate out there is going to take this team to the next level? All the coaches available are retired or also-rans. Jeebs help us if we fire Jackson and hire D'Antoni.

>Hopefully he coaches the Lakers next season.

That's the one way the Warriors get around losing Jackson without looking like assholes: he takes another job.