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Topic subjectBroncos fans, please get your boy! (Julius Thomas)
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2322493, Broncos fans, please get your boy! (Julius Thomas)
Posted by PROMO, Fri May-02-14 10:53 AM

With Denver's Super Bowl thumping in the rearview mirror, Broncos tight end Julius Thomas has grown weary of the endless accolades directed at the defense of the Seattle Seahawks.

"I think a lot of talk has been made about how physical a defense is, and I know that can have an effect on the offense," Thomas said Wednesday, per Mike Klis of The Denver Post. "But I don't think that their defense is so much more physical than some defenses we've played."

Said Thomas: "I think more so (the loss was about) was what we didn't do, the things we left out there -- than them being physical."

Seattle's 43-8 coasting was flooded with hammer-dropping hits and smothering press coverage that left Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning searching for answers. Similar to what we saw the Colts do in a midseason win over Denver, the Seahawks more than just out-schemed the Broncos -- they manhandled them.

After Denver's offensive line put on a dominant showing over the Patriots in the AFC title game, the same group was outplayed and shoved around by a Seattle front that wanted this game more.

Thomas sees it differently -- that's fair -- but what millions watched that day was no myth. The Seahawks dropped a megaton bomb on John Fox and friends, and the Broncos are still sorting through the wreckage.
2322501, I mean it ain't like he did anything especially wrong in that game
Posted by Tiger Woods, Fri May-02-14 11:20 AM
This is a way better look than openly blaming the O-line and Peyton, ya know the guys' whose fault it was.
2322503, Nah. You got owned. Shut up and own it nm.
Posted by RaFromQueens, Fri May-02-14 11:20 AM