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2322262, RE: Would it be newsworthy if the children weren't his...
Posted by Vex_id, Thu May-01-14 05:25 PM
>...and she "disclosed" the abortion to somehow leverage him?

Since there's no way to determine the DNA of the underdeveloped
fetus(es) - no. And "newsworthy" as a legal term refers to
something that the public has a legitimate interest to know -
such as whether a govt. official is lying or committing fraud/criminal acts -- newsworthy (as a legal term of art)
does not mean something that simply lights up the social
media sphere.

>I mean it's terrible all around.....
>No one emerges from that smelling sweet...
>I could only imagine what a judge hearing this would be

Wouldn't be good for Floyd. The key here is the sensitive
nature of the private medical records and the invasion
of her privacy. Even if she gave Floyd the medical
records - he still has no right to publicize those
records because they are still privileged - and she
only consented to him seeing them, not the world at large.