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Topic subjectWould it matter if the fetuses posted weren't Floyd's??!?!?
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2322243, Would it matter if the fetuses posted weren't Floyd's??!?!?
Posted by BLACK_ADAM, Thu May-01-14 04:29 PM
Legal eagles???!


What if he was under the impression she was pregnant for him...but he knows that she isn't

...and she is trying to maintain the lie???

Does that mean anything? Is it still actionable?

Like say for instance she tried to leverage son in an argument or something and threw that paperwork in his face or he found it while catching her in a lie about it knowing that those kids aren't his???

I'm really interested to know if there is some way other than her refusing to press charges that he has a defense against this...

That shit is crazy!!!!

"Inspectah Deck, he's like...he's like that dude thatta sit back and watch you play yourself and all that right? And see you sit there and know you lyin; and he'll take you to court after that, cuz he the Inspectah."