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Topic subjectRE: When you have 1,000 yes-men on your team....yes
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2322157, RE: When you have 1,000 yes-men on your team....yes
Posted by michaelo, Thu May-01-14 11:37 AM
Vex.....i can appreciate your point. but despite our various upbringings and circumstances, we all reach an age/stage where we "should" become completely accountable for our actions.

>Floyd's a smart, good person - I truly believe that
>in the time I've spoken w/ him and what I've heard
>about him -- but it still remains that he's a child
>in some ways and hasn't developed into manhood - but
>considering his background and how he grew up, it's
>hard to condemn from the comfort of the keyboard.
>He needs wise advisers and unfortunately he has none.
>He only has people singularly focused on business around him.