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Topic subjecti think Mayweather is gonna throw this fight.
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2322048, i think Mayweather is gonna throw this fight.
Posted by Binlahab, Thu May-01-14 09:09 AM
hear me out.

the events called...The Moment.


the whole build up is will this finally be the time someone KOs mayweather

where will YOU be when the moment happens.


Mayweather knows he cant hang on forever. he also knows he could kick maidanas ass...easily.

which is smarter...giving up that undefeated record in exchange for 3 relatvely easy fights (lost the 1st, wins the rematch & rubber match easily, collects 20M for each.)


beating maidana the 1st time easily. collecting 20M. then having to find increasingly harder & tougher and younger guys...that wont earn him the same amount

its a no brainer for real. i dont blame him.

remember where you heard it 1st

does it really matter?