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Topic subjectits really nice to root for a good team for once.
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2360089, its really nice to root for a good team for once.
Posted by Binlahab, Tue Aug-19-14 04:28 AM
long time houston sports guy...& been on the Nats bandwagon since day 1

and i got to tell yall...i WAY more enjoy rooting for a team that consistently wins...not just puts the 'best team on paper' out there...but wins

i had to really unplug from the NFL last season because the Texans shat the bed so hard and it was honestly fucking up my real life. like i'd be watching em...hitting f5 on my comp on ESPN trying to see wtf was going on...& see theyd thrown ANOTHER pick 6...& i'd like scream on my kids more, didnt feel like being bothered for the rest of the day, etc


im mellow. calm.

anxiety is starting to ratchet up a lil now that football is back on & the texans are sucking me back in but...the nats have really helped. seriously.

im gonna shake Rizzos hand for this one day

does it really matter?

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