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Topic subjecti been noticably absent...
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2356543, i been noticably absent...
Posted by builtfromwax, Mon Aug-04-14 04:06 PM
...work and shit.

but it's August and less than 1/3 of the season remains. i still ain't been to a game all season. i just don't have the time.

haven't really been boxscore bobbyin' it either. am i not interested anymore? of course i am! but i'm not as excited as i once was about the team. some of y'all posts for this season come across that way too.

i guess this version of the Nats brings about so much uncertainty...indifference. if they won 40+ or lost 40+ the rest of the season, i wouldn't be surprised.

but i'mma be optimistic. no more excuses. we have 5 solid - tho' Strasburg is maddeningly inconsistent (he's the only starter where the team isn't above .500 when he pitches) - starting pitchers. our offense can feast on the better teams and crawl through a famine on the weaker teams.

but they're in first by 3.5 games after being down by as many as 4. still can't beat the Braves or the Marlins. but they can battle through injuries and remain more than competitive during the season.

i just don't know what to make of this team. will Zimmerman return to 3B? has Harper taken a major step BACK in his development? was Tyler Clippard really the only player who got the all-star nod for a division leading team? Soriano blew a 4-run lead in the 9th...WTF? that $126M for Werth don't look so bad in hindsight now does it (we talkin' THIS season)?


the final 1/3 of the season should be interesting. i'll be watching!