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Topic subjectHe's 21.
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2356449, He's 21.
Posted by Awburn, Mon Aug-04-14 09:36 AM
That age lends to the worst combination of unrealized talent, entitlement, sense of immortality and general stupidity.

If he were 25/26 and still didnt get it, i'd be worried.

But as others have pointed out, Harper never got the chance to work out these issues in the minors and even when he was making mistakes down there they were sensationalized.

btw, i suspect that his dumb comments about zimmerman and span were agent driven since he and espinosa are both boras clients. I am not sure he's getting good advice right now.

"To face that guy twice a year is going to be a headache…He takes away from your enthusiasm for the game a little bit." Justin Tuck on RG3