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Topic subjectI can definitely see that
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2356040, I can definitely see that
Posted by Call It Anything, Fri Aug-01-14 09:44 AM
Over the last couple years, I think that it's easy to argue Zimm over Stras. Fister and Roark have had great years. Gio's baller 2012 feels like a diatant memory now. Stras just kind of does his thing under the microscope.

He's not a particularly likeable guy, based on talking to others. Not a dick or anything like that. Just kind of aloof. Between that, being arguably the greatest pitching prospect of all-time, the Shutdown, and his workload being so heavily monitored, he needs to be a world beater to get people off his back rather than merely good. Similar in some ways to Harper, except he kind of is a dick.

Things can change quickly though.