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Topic subjectthe post "reported" that the nats think stras is their 3rd starter
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2356036, the post "reported" that the nats think stras is their 3rd starter
Posted by Awburn, Fri Aug-01-14 09:29 AM
these were anonymous comments, cant find the blog post. the 3rd starter in this group is really not a negative statement, but it is telling. I wonder if he would reach his potential if he had less pressure on him. I understand he's been unlucky this year, but this years performance fits in with the narrative of his career - great but not exceptional due to inconsistency.

re: Gio, his FIP is 3.18. Some of his struggles last night and previously are due to sub par defense.

Fister has a .269 BABIP and 3.89 FIP; JZimm has a .327 and .283 respectively. by the numbers, i might start jzimm first and order it so that strassy avoids potential series deciding games. One way would be to hide strassy between zim and fister so that if he melts down, there is a stopper pitching behind him.

"To face that guy twice a year is going to be a headache…He takes away from your enthusiasm for the game a little bit." Justin Tuck on RG3