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Topic subjectI think it's odd that there is a light-panic over the team right now
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2354983, I think it's odd that there is a light-panic over the team right now
Posted by Call It Anything, Mon Jul-28-14 12:33 PM
They have the best record in the NL as well as the best run differential. I think the biggest obstacle to winning a title would be that there are better teams in the AL, but outside of the Dodgers with Kershaw on the mound, I'd put the Nationals up against anybody right now.

And I swear that Strasburg is about to go on a run. That .353 BABIP and 12.7% HR/FB are going to come down. The men on base stuff, the home/away stuff, I really think it's just sample size noise. He's mostly having a big problem with fastballs inside the zone. At the same time, he's leading the NL in strike outs and he's one of only 8 pitchers in the league to have started 22 games so far this year. He's been durable and he's still missing bats. The discrepancy between RA/9 and FIP says that he should get some breaks. He's set to make a road start against Atlanta to open that series on Friday, August 8. That'll be a big one. Between the standings, the road, and not much success in that park, I think that's the one where he'll turn the corner and lay people will say, "Finally".