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Topic subjectThere are no saviors for that Braves line-up
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2329140, There are no saviors for that Braves line-up
Posted by Call It Anything, Sun May-18-14 04:10 PM
-Freeman is a stud but Uggla is a black hole of offensive output at this point
-The Uptons cancel each other out.
-Heyward will probably start hitting but Gattis has been punching above his weight
-Chris Johnson is regressing to the mean after a career 2013
-Simmons might improve but that bench is weak.

Great defense and awesome pitching to be had in Atlanta, but they have 3-4 quality bats in their entire line-up.

The Nationals have 3 quality bats on the DL right now.

I imagine that it will still be a dog fight, but I think the Nationals are better when they're healthy.