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Topic subjectI'm starting to keep an eye on Sorinao's GFs
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2324817, I'm starting to keep an eye on Sorinao's GFs
Posted by Call It Anything, Wed May-07-14 06:27 PM
>obviously Soriano is going to give up a run this season, but
>the arms are set up nicely for late comebacks and the long

58 last season, 12 so far this season. About the same usage rate. If he hits 120, there's a $14 million option that kicks in. After today, he's on pace for 116. Meaning that if the team goes on to win something like 95 games, he could flirt with that number by the end.

I always thought that it was a weird thing to tie a bonus to, as if it's close, the team can control whether or not you get in there. Regardless, I could see him getting a few extra days rest in September to "make sure he's fresh for October".