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Topic subjectThe bench is so much better than last year
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2315591, The bench is so much better than last year
Posted by Call It Anything, Tue Apr-15-14 11:56 AM
2013 was about hoping Chad Tracy ran into one, knowing Roger Bernadina & Tyler Moore were going to regress, and wondering how many different positions Lombardozzi would start at.

2014 is all about Kevin Frandsen making it work. Danny Espinosa being 2012 Danny Espinosa. Tyler Moore bounce back. This version of Nate McLouth would have been probably the first or second guy off last year's bench.

Losing Zimmerman for two months can be absorbed by this team. Ramos is a really tough loss, but if everyone else stays healthy for the next couple of months and Fister steps in like he's capable of, I think the team will be alright.