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Topic subjectMy seemingly annual mid-season SLU Billikens Poast
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2287792, My seemingly annual mid-season SLU Billikens Poast
Posted by placee_22, Sat Jan-11-14 12:00 PM
1. let me apologize again for trying to give Jim Crews' job away last yr. Dude can coach his ass off and this season he's showing that last yr wasn't just a fluke or playing off emotion or none of that.

2. Dwayne Evans is one of the best CBB players that I've seen in the past decade. Dude can really play. The only reason he's not a 20+ ppg player is because the rest of the team can play too. Bilas and them should be gushing over him like they do McDermott IMO, but that's another post.

3. Why aren't the Billikens ranked? 14-2 only losses to Wisconsin and Wichita St, and I'm pretty sure both were ~5pt losses.