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Topic subjectThoroughly disappointed in the defense today.
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2230506, Thoroughly disappointed in the defense today.
Posted by Mignight Maruder, Sat Sep-14-13 10:11 PM
Db's were playing soft in coverage and provided horrible run support.

Lb's were engaging or getting engulfed by blockers instead of attacking the line of scrimmage. None of our stud pass rushers (Deion Barnes and Daqwan Jones) could get to their QB. 2 of the guys - DT Kyle Baublitz and Lb Ben Kline - I coached against and scouted years back. Not the best game for either guy unfortunately.

Some positives: the maturation of Hackenberg. For an 18 year old true Freshman to play this well is incredible. It's rare you see a young true pocket passing QB experience so much success so quickly. He will still experience some bumps this year, but you gotta love where he's at right now.

Allen Robinson is so fun to watch. Put up monster numbers despite being held virtually all game long. Could have, and really should have, 3 touchdowns tonight. I thought the O-line looked decent tonight as well.

I knew this game could go either way. I just wasn't prepared to see our Defense get carved up all game long.