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Topic subjectI'm aware Owamagbe isn't playing..... my point was that
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2230318, I'm aware Owamagbe isn't playing..... my point was that
Posted by Warren Coolidge, Sat Sep-14-13 03:36 PM
saying UCLA's D-line is just a bunch of freshman is just not accurate.....we went into the season with vet starters and freshman who were highly sought after recruits as their back ups......

we've had to play these freshman dude to injuries and as part of our regular D-line rotation......But we did not have an inexperienced depth chart going into the season and we have a solid mix of vets and young guys now...

and I'm not saying Marsh is an all American..but anyone saying he's insignificant to this defense has not watching much of our games last year or the first 2 this year.