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Topic subjectwe've beatn Nebraska back to back years now...
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2230313, we've beatn Nebraska back to back years now...
Posted by Warren Coolidge, Sat Sep-14-13 03:30 PM
>>>78th in the country last year IIRC
>>>It's better than UNL's right now but that's a 2 foot hurdle
>>I said that we were much much better on both sides of the
>>than NEBRASKA...which is the team whose ass we just
>>>I do realize you being remotely objective about your team
>>>never happened in the history of OKPS
>>here's the thing.... I actually speak on what I
>>who go contrary make comments about a team they never
>>see play....thus your use of UCLA's defensive rank as
>>of our defense being less than I said it was...
>Guess what, you don't watch Nebraska every week so that makes
>your point null and void

I'm talking about watching UCLA every game...when I speak on them..I'm speaking on what I know....

and I know enough to know that Nebraska's defense over the last couple of years doesn't have the players like Donate Jones .....Anthony Barr.....White Cassius....Erick Kendricks....and Zumwalt...

UCLA just has better players on defense...

dude use google if you want to...you acting like I'm pullin this shit out of thin air.... all I'm doing is telling you something that is widely accepted throughout the country in both college and pertaining to NFL draft scouting..

>>The fact that I'm a UCLA fan has nothing to do with me
>>that UCLA has some of the best linebackers in the pac 12 or
>>the country because that's an opinion that is shared by much
>>of the college football media who is actually watching the
>You secondary is below average, your DL is a bunch of
>Freshman, again solid D, nothing special...forced turnovers,
>gave up heaps of yards


our secondary lacks experience, but has not demonstrated anything close to a below average performance wise...nor projection wise as far as the players we got back there..... actually UCLA pretty regularly puts a solid secondary together...we got starters in the NFL in the secondary right today..

and you need to get your facts straight about our D-line....Cassius Marsh is a SENIOR on our D-line and is going as high as the 3rd round on ....our other starting SENIOR on the D-line is Seali'i Epenesa.... our Freshman provide depth...but All 3 of them are very very highly recruited and talented players who are making plays this season already...Nose tackle Kenny Clark and defensive ends Kylie Fitts and Eddie Vanderdoes

we got vets starting.....and talented freshman adding depth..... with one of the best line backing corps in the conference and country behind them...

our front 7 is right where they out to be right now...

>>you're speaking about last year..... well the NFL saw Dontae
>>Jones as a pretty good player
>>now on to this season...
>>Anthony Barr would have been a high 2nd or low 1st round
>>last year..
>>after this year I fully expect him to be one of the 1st
>>LBs..if not THE first LB taken in the next draft...
>right, he's good, but you have nothing on the other side

again dude...if you don't you don't know about UCLA football..you shouldn't make comment like UCLA has nothing besides Barr at LB....

let's look at the facts...both Jordan Zumwalt and Erick Kendricks are projected to be NFL draft picks around the 3rd or 4th round....

and our other outside back Aaron Wallace Jr. is a soph more.. 3 or 4 star recruit depending on who you listen too.....pops was an NFL linebacker .... he's a talented young players surrounded by solid defenders and with a defensive minded coach...

we more than straight at LB...

>>but besides Barr....we are FULL of very solid Defensive
>>players.....again I wouldn't expect people who don't
>>watch UCLA to know this...but let me inform you.....that is
>>you need further proof after we just beat the shit out of
>>Nebraska on the road in front of the largest home crowd
>>they've ever had....
>>Cassius Marsh.... got to love a White dude named
>>he up up big numbers last year and has been ballin in our
>>first 2 games...
>Solid player...he's Baker Steinkuhler from last year for NU,
>solid, nothing special
>>Owamagbe Odighizuwa.......Big Ellis McCarthy.....Eric
>>Kendricks and Jordan Zumwalt.....
>Owamagbe is injured and not playing, jury is out on young
>Ellis, looked good in spots, those other two guys are filler
>and don't matter

Cassius Marsh is way more than filler..lolol...

>>UCLA's front 7 is more than solid...vetern group with some
>>solid youngsters mixed in...
>>and btw we are about to offer one of the top under the radar
>>defenders in high school right now in Gardena Serra's
>>Tucker...a DE/LB hybrid with great size and speed....
>I don't care who you offer, it matters little to this year
>>UCLA is solid on both sides of the ball...
>average D, above average O, I see 10 or 11 wins
>>the more you watch..the more you'll see that..

you steady calling us averge but we'll win 11 games???? lol