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Topic subjectYour D isn't special
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2230273, Your D isn't special
Posted by DeepAztheRoot, Sat Sep-14-13 03:01 PM
>>78th in the country last year IIRC
>>It's better than UNL's right now but that's a 2 foot hurdle
>I said that we were much much better on both sides of the ball
>than NEBRASKA...which is the team whose ass we just
>>I do realize you being remotely objective about your team
>>never happened in the history of OKPS
>here's the thing.... I actually speak on what I see....people
>who go contrary make comments about a team they never actually
>see play....thus your use of UCLA's defensive rank as evidence
>of our defense being less than I said it was...
Guess what, you don't watch Nebraska every week so that makes your point null and void

>The fact that I'm a UCLA fan has nothing to do with me saying
>that UCLA has some of the best linebackers in the pac 12 or
>the country because that's an opinion that is shared by much
>of the college football media who is actually watching the

You secondary is below average, your DL is a bunch of Freshman, again solid D, nothing special...forced turnovers, gave up heaps of yards

>you're speaking about last year..... well the NFL saw Dontae
>Jones as a pretty good player
>now on to this season...
>Anthony Barr would have been a high 2nd or low 1st round pick
>last year..
>after this year I fully expect him to be one of the 1st
>LBs..if not THE first LB taken in the next draft...
right, he's good, but you have nothing on the other side

>but besides Barr....we are FULL of very solid Defensive
>players.....again I wouldn't expect people who don't regularly
>watch UCLA to know this...but let me inform you.....that is if
>you need further proof after we just beat the shit out of
>Nebraska on the road in front of the largest home crowd
>they've ever had....
>Cassius Marsh.... got to love a White dude named Cassius...but
>he up up big numbers last year and has been ballin in our
>first 2 games...

Solid player...he's Baker Steinkuhler from last year for NU, solid, nothing special
>Owamagbe Odighizuwa.......Big Ellis McCarthy.....Eric
>Kendricks and Jordan Zumwalt.....
Owamagbe is injured and not playing, jury is out on young Ellis, looked good in spots, those other two guys are filler and don't matter

>UCLA's front 7 is more than solid...vetern group with some
>solid youngsters mixed in...
>and btw we are about to offer one of the top under the radar
>defenders in high school right now in Gardena Serra's Olajuwan
>Tucker...a DE/LB hybrid with great size and speed....

I don't care who you offer, it matters little to this year
>UCLA is solid on both sides of the ball...

average D, above average O, I see 10 or 11 wins
>the more you watch..the more you'll see that..