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Topic subjectCollege Football Sat 9/14 - GAME OF THE CENTURY #23423
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2230098, College Football Sat 9/14 - GAME OF THE CENTURY #23423
Posted by cgonz00cc, Sat Sep-14-13 11:12 AM
Saban (15-2 in revenge games) vs Johnny Football (100-0 in not giving a fuck) - i like bama

UCLA vs NEB - gimme the Huskers at home

Loouhvull vs Kaintuckee for the Commonwealth something or other, hope the scoreboard operator ate his wheaties

Tennessee goes west to Oregon. UT is on the right track but today will not be a great day for them

3 more B1G-PAC12 matchups
U-DUB vs the Zookers
Wisky vs ASU
tosu vs Cal

the sarkies will be the only ones to successfully defend the honor of the pac 12

bonus game with the potential of souring the whole season in week 3:
GT vs Duke. Please god, spare your bespectacled, pocket-protecting children the indignity of NOT sweeping the north carolina teams this year. thx.