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Topic subjectUm. He took almost 20 million less guaranteed, dogg.
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2351821, Um. He took almost 20 million less guaranteed, dogg.
Posted by Orbit_Established, Wed Jul-16-14 04:31 PM

You SHOULD be on my side here, since its Larry Bird trying
to play that patronizing white savior role with Lance...Lance
LAUGHED at that dumb shit, like "cracka, please (and I love
me some Bird...but Bird ain't slick. Born Ready from Brooklyn,
nigga, he know what's good)."

Why would BR TURN DOWN guaranteed money?

Because the Pacers are going to be worse, the Bobcats
are gonna be better, he gonna statpad, make niggas mad
and be worth a grip more in 2-3 seasons.

Bird knows that. LMAO @ him tryna get a discount.

Y'all shit on Born Ready all this time: the Pacers BETTER
be NO WORSE without him. Sorry. Those are the rules.

And he ruined Nyquil, right? Ok. Good. Nyquil can carry
them to a #1 seed without Born Ready.

Those are the rules, sorry.

Its already out in the open that BR woulda been fine
with the Pacers deal if it was SHORTER. HE wanted the
short deal. the Pacers are smart and knew not to give
that nigga no 2-3 year deal, because he's gonna get
better and ask they asses for more.