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Topic subjectAgenda checkmate, by Orbit_Established (co-starring Born Ready)
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2351761, Agenda checkmate, by Orbit_Established (co-starring Born Ready)
Posted by Orbit_Established, Wed Jul-16-14 03:39 PM

a) Lance took less money, which means if he's anywhere
near as good as the two overpaid white boys, I'm talking
about it.

b) Lance didn't take anywhere near alpha dog money, so
if he is a sidekick, he's still not overpaid and its
all good

c) If Charlotte is better than they were last year and
Indiana was worse than they were last year, Lance and O_E
won and one of you must come over to my crib and bake me
some peanut butter brownies

Lance took that short deal BE DESIGN, Indiana didn't want that
short deal because they KNOW he about to be worth more in two
years......BR about to make his current team better and his
former team worse. He about to be a free agent again at 25,
talk about "I've matured" and take home much more bread on
a higher salary cap

You guys fucked up.


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